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- Added: Enable/disable Only medic can heal from MCC medic settings modules - Zeus or 3den - Added: Cinematic when respawning from the MCC spawn Menu - can be disabled with mission settings - Zeus or 3eden. - Added: Kestrels and crows to ambient birds module.

- Added: Resave missions to MCC after loading mission from MCC.

- Fixed: Evac module on 2d editor didn't work - Fixed: Can't change Squad name in MCC Squad Menu.

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- Fixed: MCC can resave as many time without loosing data. - Fixed: Logistics truck always identified as it was near an FOB/HQ while starting a MCC campaing from Zeus.

GAIA does not improve and tries not to influence the behavior at group level. Know your units, what can they do, what are their weaknesses. Do not send more troops then needed, but also make sure it is enough to deal with the opposing threat. The closer a threat is to the center of the territory (zone), the higher the priority.

In future versions of GAIA goals will be expanded and might even grow to fully commanding offensive battles.

Here are all the one, two, three, and four letter combinations of letters.

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