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Established in 1870 and incorporated in 1894, the town is approximately 40 miles south of Spokane, Washington.Rustic farmland is surrounded by the gorgeous rolling hills of the Palouse, with the town proudly owning the title as the “Gateway to the Palouse.” Rosalia’s rich history includes the Battle of Steptoe, original brick buildings, and a memorabilia-filled museum.Washington Filmworks uses our Location of the Month newsletters to showcase the diversity of unique looks and resources for production in a number of jurisdictions around Washington State.Find previous installments archived on Lined with patriotic flags and a sense of community, Rosalia is a true slice of Americana.

This fun weekend includes a fun run, parade, car show, craft show, rodeo, talent show, and many other family-friendly events.To assist you with your own valuation of the property, we can provide you with the following sale averages for 99170.Comparable listings for this property are currently not available either due to lack of characteristics on this property or lack of comparable listing activity in the area.The town’s main street, Whitman Avenue, is filled with amazing views and historic old buildings.Walking down the avenue, visitors will run into various charming businesses such as cafes, a book store, art studio, and market.

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