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Oh and not to mention, she faked SEVERAL pregnancies going so far as faking a belly!I met Tiffany Marie Lemon in February 2015 through my husband (fiancé at the time).She bases her love life on deceit and lies and is in every sense of the word a HOME WRECKER!!She wasn’t invited to this nice family and she only cared about herself and her selfish desires. If there is a hell, I’m sure they will have a special place for her waiting when she’s done breaking up marriages in this life. I hope you can stay clear of her invisible claws and deceptive ways.One night he had me plug his dead phone in and I did and turned the phone on and looked at his message.The last message from her was “Can we smoke after we f**k? Long story short, they got caught and we broke up for a few weeks and then got back together. She is in “relationships” with multiple guys at a time.Date single Gorakhpur girls, dating women seeking men online at free dating site in Gorakhpur at Quack Quack.

She likes sending pictures to married men and then trying to lie about it. We hung out, smoked together, had a lot of fun together!! she used my kindness and my trust and my friendship to sneak around and sleep with my husband for nearly 4 months!! He would go pick her up and take her home because it was just more convenient that way.So I started asking around town seeing if anyone knew her and found out she’s already broke up two other families.Taylor Davis-Bohr will literally have sex with anything with a [email protected]#k then complain that men don’t care about her.He had known her since she was like 12 or 13 and she was, at the time, 19.At first I was lol “Oh yeah she’s cool and she likes a lot of the same things as us.” Blah blah blah.

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