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The song is NOT about weed/heroin/any other drug, and it's not based on sex. The song talks about there very first night as a married couple when they have sex."The Whisper"-Apparently Dave scrambled three audio tracks together so as to distortwhat you, the listener, hear. Not all of Dave's songs are about Kurt or Courtney.

Although, if you do want a Foo song about sex, All My Life is perfect. Everyone think back to the first moment they fell in love with're at your first concert to your favorite band. To this date, no one has been ableto decipher exactly what is being said, but we do know that one trackis a love letter being read, one track is a technical manual beingread, and the last track is a story about one of the studio technician'sfather. The meaning is pretty obvious, just listen to the lyrics.The "when I sing along with you" line makes so much more sense!I totally love this song.stuff.i first heard the song on the radio about a year ago, and then soon after found the acoustic version, which i believe is MUCH better...anyways as far as the meaning goes, my ex and i always concurred that it was about making love to your long-awaited partner..."breathe out, so i can breathe you in"..friggin sweet is that? In the video, it's sid vicious & nancy spungen, the 'punk' guy is him dreaming about being sid. But the song itself refers to the hope that this moment which is great will stay on for as long as possiblemy favorite song of allllllllllll time!!!!!!! He was wearing the same pin, necklace, had the hair. Thus leading to the nostalgia that this song creates.

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