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He was on one occasion a candidate for municipal honours, but although he polled well he was defeated. "THEATRE", (Adelaide: Christian Colonist Office, 1891) [Review], James Gardiner, "TWENTY-FIVE YEARS ON THE STAGE", Christian Colonist (23 October 1891), 8 ... They left the Barracks about six o'clock, and marched along Cumberland-street, the band playing the old air usual on such occasions "the Girl I left behind me". Maurice Egremont Gee, which was certainly one of the best of the evening; it was sung in character and was loudly encored ... the audience were delighted by the exquisite production of the comic song and dance - "The Cures," by Messrs. I became acquainted with a gentleman who showed me letters, that had come from the little German colony in South Australia.

Several gentlemen sang during the evening with considerable taste and effect, especially Messrs. This young gentleman has only arrived lately from England, but from the agreeable talent that he so amply possesses, we may safely predict to him numerous applications for his presence at future convivialities in Adelaide . Inspector Rose, of the Mounted Police, who was also there, jocosely, as we are informed, offered to turn him out - saying, that, as he was the only Policeman present, it was his duty to clear the room. Gale unfortunately, resented his interference, and struck at him. Upon resigning that position she proceeded to Wellington, New Zealand, to live with her son (Mr. Three years after the arrival of the family in the colony, Mr. The horn had some very difficult passages, which were generally performed in a superior manner ... The Committee resolved that the Secretary should reply by offering to sell a limited number of copies, now in their possession to Mr. The title page bears a lithographed sketch of the Galatea under steam and canvas, drawn by Colonel Biggs. Penman and Galbraith, who have turned out very tasteful title pages; and the music, though not so clear or large as the typographical impressions, is still very distinct. Gee, who died on July 5, at the age of 75, was born at Ackworth-Moor-Tap, Yorkshire, in 1847, and came to South Australia with his parents in 1852. He was well known in musical and dramatic circles a number of years ago in Adelaide, with the late Mr. It was NEARLY BLOWN TO PIECES during the night the Dunbar was wrecked, and lots of goods, including drapery, were destroyed. Hordern gave up the store, and it was taken over on a lease by Mr. I recollect the number of that old iron store - it was 83 York-street. Paling in 1858, and I am still serving under the same flag." Taking the hint that he had jumped a few years from the date of his arrival in Australia, Mr. GALLAGHER, Musical Copyist to the Orpheonist Society. Gallagher, would compose a piece of music to be called, for instance, the Governor's March, the Railway Galop, or some other appropriate name, in remembrance of such an eventful day in the annals of Portland as the 27th of April is expected to be. One great feature in the proceedings of the evening was the music of the band under the improved conditions of a new drum, cymbals, and other instruments, all of which appears to be the very best of their kind ... GALLAGHER and another person are talking a great deal about my cornet playing, I am quite prepared to play him for £20 at any time it will suit his convenience. The deceased was well known in the colony, and with old Launceston residents his name was as familiar as a house-hold word. "THE 50TH (QUEEN'S OWN) REGIMENT", (19 July 1884), 10 Mr. Gassner, for 28 years the popular Bandmaster of this popular Regiment, and who is well known in Colchester, where he was for several years quartered with the Regiment, having just resigned his appointment, was entertained at a farewell mess dinner by Colonel Leach and the Officers at Camp Polymedia, Cyprus, on June 6. Gassner's health on the occasion, Colonel Leach said, - Gentlemen, I rise to propose the health of our esteemed and respected guest, Mr. Gassner served with distinction in the Crimea with Lord George Paulet, and he is in possession of the medals granted for that campaign, viz.. l-publictag=Thomas Gatland d1900 (TROVE tagged by Australharmony) ? CON33-1-51,345,139, F,60 11976 / Gatland, Thomas / Transported for Stealing a Counterpane / ... S., 12 April 1839 [sentenced] 10 years / Trade Laborer, Musician, and Groom / ... [Advertisement], (24 March 1856), 4 GRAND FESTIVE BALL; AMPHITHEATRE, MURRAY-STREET. Thomas Gatland, whose stately presence and rich melodious voice still lend the good old impressive tone to all the various rituals of the church. l-publictag=Band of the 39th Regiment (TROVE tagged by Australharmony) Summary: In October 1829, a correspondent to the begged to add to the paper's own earlier critique of the Barnet Levey's concert, in which Gee and his band provided the orchestra: Instead of an Overture, Mr. "TOPICS OF THE DAY", (21 September 1867), 2 We have received from Mr. But I was what was called an old colonist then - not a new chum. 115 Bathurst Street [Advertisement], (7 June 1862), 7 T. Music suitably harmonised for either of the above, may be had on application to Mr. It it is not too late, I would suggest that our worthy band master, Mr. Charles Galvin, a very widely-respected resident of Launceston, had passed away ... THOMPSON, the splendid BAND of the 50th QUEEN OWN Regiment will be in attendance, under the direction of SIGNOR GIOVANNI GASSNER, when a choice selection of Music, Vocal Choruses, &c., will be given ... ) Active Adelaide, by 1850; Hobart, by 1853; Victoria, by c.1860 Died Footscray, VIC, 26 April 1900, aged 79 (Mr.) (13 April 1839), 4 Thomas Gatland, 17, charged with stealing, on the 18th January, at Minster, in Sheppy, in this county, one counterpane, of the value of ten shillings, the property of Mary Dove. Conduct record, Thomas Gatland; Tasmanian names index; NAME_INDEXES:1394596; CON33/1/51 Viewer/image_viewer.htm? The Hall can be let for any respectable meetings, lectures, concerts, &c, by application to Mr. [Advertisement], (26 March 1850), 3 SIX GRAND PROMENADE CONCERTS, A LA JULIEN, At the Exchange, King William-street. The steamer returned about half-past six o'clock, and landed her passengers after spending a bright and joyous day. GATLAND, (Late of the Victoria Theatre) prior to his departure for Melbourne ... - On the 19th inst., Jane, the dearly beloved wife of Thomas Gatland, of St. This modest weatherboard cottage has for the past 30 years been the official residence of the worthy verger, Mr. GEE) (21 November 1896), 4 Bibliography and resources: Carne 1954 resources: ) ? l-publictag=Francis Gee 39th Regiment (TROVE tagged by Australharmony) "It was in the year before I started with Paling and Co.This provoked an anonymous jibe in the next issue: SIR - Gassner the First has issued a ukase to the effect that he will not score any more music for the present, and inhibits further composition. The number of gold licenses issued in New South Wales in 1851 reached a total ot 13,000.The ukase, published in your issue of yesterday, is very severe on some of the unfortunate composers of the city; this musical monarch is graciously pleased to ignore Horsley, Ellard, Loder, Marsh, Stanley, &c, for the sublime works of Rayner, Anderson, and Neild, a coterie whose compositions M. At the Turon 8700 were issued; at the Ophir, 2100; at the Meroo and Louisa Creek, 1100; at Araluen, 500; at the Abercrombie about 100. He was a storekeeper at the Woolshed, New Eldorado.

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