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He serves on the board of the Hilton Head Island Motoring Festival and Concours d’Elegance, the latter a 10-day racing event ranked third in the nation: “Come down first weekend in November when the weather is great — the show is spectacular.” Stew also chairs a tax funds committee for the town, and serves the finance committee of Cross Anglican church and the marketing committee for his neighborhood, Long Cove, a Pete Dye golf course-anchored residential community.

Next up: 53rd wedding anniversary, two high-school graduations, a granddaughter wedding, all 27 of his clan for Christmas — and northern India next January. Rubin, Mill Valley, California, muses: “Maybe it’s the California water and sunshine — or plain curiosity about how we will get through these curious times — that keeps us reluctant seniors active.

Kerr and his wife, Bonnie, put their North Carolina home on the market to prepare for their move to Scottsdale, Arizona.

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By my 75th birthday I want to be as ‘diesel’ (according to my teenage granddaughter) as I was at 70, just before I was diagnosed.We have not missed being together on each of our birthdays for 55 years! You all know that.” Neal still practices law and makes business and pleasure trips, this year including a planned Venice-to-Rome cruise in August for their 55th anniversary.I hope you all had a terrific visit and that we will all get together at the next one. Although his four oldest grandchildren did not choose Kenyon, the next in line, a high-school junior, visited campus with his mother, Amy Mayer ’92, so Neal still has hope. Woods received a lifetime achievement award from the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition.This summer we will be doing the same with two granddaughters. “I’ve launched a website to showcase my collection,” he reports. He describes the joy of communicating with granddaughter Cameron Peters ’20 who is excelling in her studies and campus organization activities. Rector returned from winter months in Delray Beach, Florida, to move into a new condo in Portsmouth, Rhode Island — hopefully his last move. ” John still shoots for the Erie County Historical Society and the Arboretum at Frontier Park in Erie, Pennsylvania: “No salary involved, but I sure do get to some great parties,” he adds. Hutch’s grandfather, dad, uncle and brother all played football for the University of Georgia.“We just got back from a Rock and Romance cruise with stops in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands,” he notes, “which featured some big-name bands from the ’70s.

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