Scrubs dating coma wife

To some people it's important but it doesn't have to for everyone and it doesn't have to be one of the defining qualities for everyone either.

There are a LOT of career LPN's and RN's simply because they enjoy the balances of patient interaction and administrative responsibility. Source: Wife is a LPN trying to decide if she wants RN, APN or to stay a LPN.

I will find characters hilarious, like Dr Cox, or Barney from HIMYM, even though they're not the best people. And also same with hilarious but good people characters like Turk.

But I'm not actively wishing for Turk to have the perfect spouse who treats him and his friends nicely, otherwise that'd create little conflict, but also because I don't idolize him.

Second thought bs Finagling control of both boy and girl names Kicking jd out of an apartment he was in first The whole you can't do anything I can't do pregnant thing The bedtime deal Hypnosis as anesthesia really? Plus being mad at turk for being immature when she knew that's who he was from the beginning Also the whole "I am a mommy all the time" statement at the janitors wedding, when she is also a wife all the time.

Her continual prioritising her own wants and needs over turks even when he has sound and logical objections.

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