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Scrappy decided that it was time to put their petty differences aside for the sake of their daughter, Emani and he took to Instagram to call a truce with Miss Erica.

“I just want to say I love my daughter in every way and I’m so proud to be a father of somebody special that God made and no I’m not back with her mom in a relationship but we had a convo and we want to b the best parents for our daughter because all the stuff that we been going thru has weighed down and had my daughter stressed out so even tho I Dnt have to give no explanation cause I Dnt owe anybody but my daughter I just wanted to make it clear that we are trying to b good parents and for people to want us to beef or throw shade on each other for people’s entertainment ain’t happening and so all y’all bloggers and haters I laugh because u thought u had something lol I Dnt hate According to the Momma Dee, mother of Scrappy, the pair have been doing a whole lot more than just co-parenting Emani.

While being in a relationship they even had a daughter called Emani Richardson.

Erica is currently a single lady although there has been a rumor about her being in a relationship.

In the past, she has been actively been in relationship and was happy as well but now she just wants to focus on her career and her child.

During an interview, Erica revealed that although she and her ex-fiance have been getting along tremendously while co-parenting their daughter that’s about all fans will see the former lovebirds.

However, Momma Dee could just be stirring up the pot.

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