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But love scenes are completely awkward, and this was awkward just for that reason.The only person I enjoy kissing is my husband, and that’s it so if I’m having to kiss anybody else, it’s acting for me, it’s the work. You always have twenty people who are watching, and you’re having to fake this eroticism, and you feel very judged.There’s too much sweetness, too much light there for her. Aahoo Jahansouz Sarah Shahi, born on January 10, 1980, is a former NFL Cheerleader and a super popular American Television as well as a film actress. She has a younger sister named Samantha and an older brother named Cyrus.I don’t think Shaw would ever go there for Root in real life.I think things are just too complicated in her head, and I think Shaw would have to go through a pretty big transformation in order to let herself go there with Root.I was very nervous because it was big and I wasn’t really in that Shaw state when I was doing it.I was very maternal and worried about boob milk leaking through my wardrobe.

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The only thing I really remember is when they do see one another, it catches Shaw off guard, but I can’t fake an answer for you because I can’t remember what happens!

After Ellen spoke with Shahi yesterday to get her take on tonight’s episode, boob milk, being happy Acker doesn’t have herpes (we’re glad, too!

) and whether the damaged Shaw and upbeat Carmen would ever find a way to connect if they could somehow meet.

SS: Nothing about that episode was easy as far as I can remember.

It’s a pretty big deal for Shaw in her mental state to make the decision to shoot him because it’s not her either.

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