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9 There were also many subsequent orders and resolutions on the matter and a continuous series of page numbers per session was dropped in favor of the original pagination on each document.

The current legal authority for the is a somewhat changing composite of almost all House and Senate reports and documents published since 1817.

are often associated with it and were published according to subject class not according to congressional session.

The subject classes of the publication series are as follows: Claims, Commerce and Navigation, Finance, Foreign Relations, Indian Affairs, Military Affairs, Naval Affairs, Post Office Department, Public Lands, and Miscellaneous.

Again, because of subdivisions in the Senate and House report series, the numeric order of the individually numbered reports was also broken up.

Between 18 (54th Congress to 56th Congress) the publication class series within a congressional session was generally organized according to the following pattern: Senate Journal, Senate Documents, Senate Reports, House Journal, House Documents, and House Reports.

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Serial Set supplement was published by GPO for the 97th Congress (1981-1982) and its addendum is entitled "Numerical Lists of the Documents and Reports." The above related schedule for the 97th Congress was constructed from that numerical list.

91st Congress - 2nd Session (1970) - PDF 92nd Congress - 1st and 2nd Sessions (1971-1972) - PDF 93rd Congress - 1st and 2nd Sessions (1973-1974) - PDF 94th Congress - 1st and 2nd Sessions (1975-1976) - PDF 95th Congress - 1st and 2nd Sessions (1977-1978) - PDF 96th Congress - 1st and 2nd Sessions (1979-1980) - PDF 97th Congress - 1st and 2nd Sessions (1981-1982) - PDF 98th Congress - 1st and 2nd Sessions (1983-1984) - PDF 99th Congress - 1st and 2nd Sessions (1985-1986) - PDF 100th Congress - 1st and 2nd Sessions (1987-1988) - PDF 101st Congress - 1st and 2nd Sessions (1989-1990) - PDF 102nd Congress - 1st and 2nd Sessions (1991-1992) - PDF 103rd Congress - 1st and 2nd Sessions (1993-1994) - PDF 104th Congress - 1st and 2nd Sessions (1995-1996) - PDF 105th Congress - 1st and 2nd Sessions (1997-1998) - PDF 106th Congress - 1st and 2nd Sessions (1999-2000) - PDF 107th Congress - 1st and 2nd Sessions (2001-2002) - PDF 108th Congress - 1st and 2nd Sessions (2003-2004) - PDF 109th Congress - 1st and 2nd Sessions (2005-2006) - PDF 110th Congress - 1st and 2nd Sessions (2007-2008) - PDF 111th Congress - 1st and 2nd Sessions (2009-2010) - PDF 112th Congress - 1st and 2nd Sessions (2011-2012) - PDF; 113th Congress - 1st and 2nd Sessions (2013-2014) - PDF The above schedules from the 91st Congress to the 99th Congress were optically scanned from the original document schedules published by the U. The numbered documents and reports include many executive branch and legislative branch publications and until 1953, the began with a December 8, 1813, House Order, which stated: "Ordered, That, henceforward, all Messages and communications from the President of the United States; all letters and reports from the several departments of the Government; all motions and resolutions offered for the consideration of the House; all reports of committees of the House; and all other papers which, in the usual course of proceeding, or by special order of the House shall be printed in octavo fold, and separately from the Journals - shall have their pages numbered in one continued series of numbers, commencing and terminating with each session" (v.

These source documents include the "Numerical Lists and Schedule of Volumes" published by GPO for each congressional session and republished in three volumes for the years 1933-1980 by William S. It is entitled and in the preliminary pages of each volume there is a finalized "Numerical List of Documents and Reports" and a finalized "Schedule of Serial Set Volumes" from which the material for the 98th and 99th Congress are taken. Many of the above schedules were downloaded from GPO with the 1st and 2nd sessions of each Congress combined. Information on the assigned Serial Set volume number to Senate and House documents and reports before 1970 can also be found in the The U. Serial Set is a bound series of over 14,000 volumes and contains within it nearly all of the hundreds of thousands of numbered congressional reports and documents published since 1817.

See chart on which serial set volumes contain the journals in the article by Walter Stubbs entitled, "Finding Congressional Journals in the U. The text of the legislation, how it affects current law, or its budget implications may also be included.

Joint conference reports are almost always printed as House reports and are numbered in sequence with other House reports.

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