Rules of dating multiple men

As an older man I can also offer her advice based on my own life experience (Only if she asks.I won’t just lecture her for no reason – it’s patronising).I’m not here to find out why you want to date multiple women, just to tell you it is entirely possible, provided you follow some guidelines.Date multiple women correctly and you can enjoy a life of variety and freedom, without anyone getting hurt.

However, if you’ve maintained your Lover frame correctly they will rarely ask you to meet anyone they know.

You shouldn’t be treating the women you are dating as your best friend or someone you discuss all your problems with.

Remain somewhat aloof and mysterious to maintain attraction, certainly in the initial phases of dating.

Many guys dream of dating multiple women, but few achieve it.

It might be because they want the sexual variety or because they are searching for a girlfriend and need to date a lot of people to find out what qualities they like in a women.

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