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I watched Rock of Love season 1 while it was airing, but I was also 16 at the time, so my viewing lens was totally different.Boy oh boy, somehow I appreciate TPTB a tiny bit more now for at least maintaining a veneer of class and romance.But Bret and Flave were so disgusting towards women. If people say The Bachelor is sexist, they clearly haven’t watched a VH1 show.Btw I was reading a post on Reddit on who’s the ruddest celebrity redditors have ever met and Bret was amongst the biggest assholes. Getting other bands kicked out of a venue for congratulating him on his set.Cheerleaders, baby talk, getting drunk, British accents, you can't go 5 minutes without him commenting that SOMETHING one of the girls is doing is giving him a boner).It gets really dark the first episode when it's clear as day that some conventionally unattractive girls were kept around to be the butts of jokes.Because I am a trash queen I've seen Rock/Flavor/Daisy/etc. I never even watched the Bachelor until this season and I think my "high" standards are part of the reason I found it so underwhelming*...know besides Arby.*and yet here I am weeks after the finale, still thinkin' bout how dumb Arby is.

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Done with Flavor of Love 1-3, I Love NY 1-2, I Love Money 1-2 (going to do season 3 after Real Chance at Love and ROL season 2 & 3). The details were so vicious in how he mutilated her body and stuff so that she could only be identified through her breast implants and then how he killed himself later.

I have no doubt the trashiness of each show would remain the same, but it would probably be more entertaining (and offensive) a second time around. I rewatched Rock of Love and Flavor or Love a couple of years ago and I was appalled.

I can’t believe I ever considered that “entertainment” lmao. And we got Tiffany Pollard and all those gifs and catch phrases from the shows. I can’t believe that none of the girls were like, you know what? I don’t think they could do a show like that today.

That’s so funny you post this, I just rewatched this season on You Tube last week after not seeing it since it originally aired too!

I die just imagining Just imagining the shitstorm that would ensue if any Bach contestant got the lead’s name tattooed on them (Grant and Lace don’t count lol) makes me giddy.

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