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You can examine the list of modules by typing modules.To select a module, you'll type use (the path of the module to use).While many people register their domains privately, domain registrars can leak the information anyway.Using research or scraping tools, or even just a person's business card, we will discover if they own any domains related to that email account.In our example, our search brings us back to an umbrella of domains owned by a single entity.When the website for the active entity on the domain is visited, it seems the business is a domain management portfolio specializing in technology-related domains.

To load the WHOIS module, type this into the terminal: It is fussy about the underscore, and doesn't understand any other way of asking about options.In this case, we will be running an email-to-domain search.First, let's generate a sample to run through our list.A favorite of mine is the Operative Framework (obviously), which provides a uniquely well-equipped suite to conduct reconnaissance on individuals or organizations from online databases.The Operative Framework allows you to conduct reverse WHOIS queries to email addresses and other information to correlate information.

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