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But, indie grappler Jake Damien and J&J Security member Joey Mercury were also said to have cozied up to James.

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Sure, “The Showoff” hasn’t pulled in the number of romances that several others on this list have, but the man needs to be shown appreciation somewhere--heck, he has been with a few notables.

Additionally, he has won WWE Championship title for 4 times and title of World Heavyweight Championship for 9 times.

Presently, he is the WWE’s World Heavyweight Champion. Before that, he also tried in the military in 1998. In 2004, he won against Chris Benoit for the championship.

Back in February, Wilson was reportedly given the heave-ho by current “MLB Comeback Player of the Year Award” candidate Alex Rodriguez, whom she’d been an item with for the last few years.

Sadly, Rodriguez supposedly wanted to play the field again (no pun intended).

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