Raiden fighters 2 mame not updating mutually validating

That version is nine years old and isn't even in a performance "sweet spot" for old/mobile hardware--the major MAME core change in the 0.84 cycle was to the input subsystem, which shouldn't have much effect on CPU requirements. It's also about the size of a DVD case, which is much nicer than the Xbox.

Reason is simple it's the only source available for the xbox port of MAME i have a build everythings cool although the xbox is limited on what games itcan handle well the only issue was the Raiden Games which i thought i ask abouthere here Raiden and all of the Raiden Fighters is working. i've always been slow to switch to new stuff hell i still use phone boxes rather than a mobile im joking of course but thanks for the info never heard of a Brix i'll certainly dosome research on it and not in my build shall it seems forever remain a mystery The reason it doesn't work is because you're trying to hack a driver from a later release into an older version of MAME. Asking when it was fixed is going to get you sarcastic responses.

/RFjet.jpgps: how do i tell if its a jap/us version? Hehe, if I get access to a digicam sometime, I'll let you know.

You will want the sets: rfjet (parent) rfjetj (Japanese) The US and Asia versions are roughly the same as the parent romset. US Version: Aquas - Ixion - 82,399,904 - 1-Phase 2 - PCB Aquas - Fairy - 75,819,556 - 1-Phase 2 - PCB Aquas - Blue Javeline - 72,507,824 - 1-Phase 1 - PCB Aquas - Miclus - 70,836,156 - 1-Phase 2 - PCB Aquas - Aegis IV - 68,290,507 - 2-level 05 - PCB Aquas - Griffin - 63,310,528 - 1-Phase 1 - PCB (my initials are LWS =) ) I'm impressed with my Fairy and Aegis IV scores.

You asked what MAME release it was fixed when it doesn't even come from us? i've read over the posts and fair play fellas i maybe went about things the wrong way Look dude stop using an Xbox version.

ROMSet: 0.36b1-0.146u1: raiden - "Raiden" 0.146u2-0.149: raidenb - "Raiden (set 3, Alternate hardware)" 0.150- : raidenb - "Raiden (set 3)" Unused: Off Flip Screen: Off Lives: 3 Bonus Life: 150000 400000 Difficulty: Normal Allow Continue: No Special Rules: This is a Single Player ONLY variation! Special Note: Please note this title has emulation issues and does not usually playback fully via Wolfmame 0.106 [or any version known of.] Please double check playback [Exit the INP and immediately Retsart it if it doesn't playback properly the first time and this usually remedies it] before submitting.

try emailing that guy I hope he doesn't charge for it I don't even know where to put the jumpers to the pin out, because i don't know where the pin out is unless its that 3P 4P thing (which the manual doesn't say anything about)....

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If you scroll down alphabetically you'll find the link to download it. Thank to you guys and all your help me and my friend successfully made a test mode switch using a 70cent light switch and some old computer power wires.

hello my name is CHI (rhymes with me n im new to this so.....), a close-friend of 14years (DEL) got me into this site (pretty hardcore ) and im glad to have join this community of true shooters ..... If you've finished the game already and it doesn't restart at a harder difficulty (the second loop) then you have the Japanese version. Since you've ALL3'd the game, I'd say you have the Japanese version.

i see some of the members are busy with the SHMUP weekly tournament so ill hope ill learn something from you guys soon ..... ^_^cheers ICARUS for the welcome n the quick reply..... i was hoping to come 1st place on the us version..... gonna work a little bit harder to come 2nd place on the jap version.....

Doing a little searching online, this guy may have dip settings if you were to email him.

It shows Raiden Fighters 2 halfway down the page, under the pinout & manual section.

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