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After I use Content to load Splitter and not use Load Content From by partial view, it works. The editor's value will be committed when you press enter or focus some other element. Items(panelbar = ) ) Anybody know why it does not work? Note that you shouldn't modify the cell's value, but the editor's value while editing.I'm not using the row mode for filters but using filter menus instead.The problem I have now is that the filter icon in the header of the object field's column is not getting the k-state-active class applied so it's not obvious there is a filter being applied based on that column.

Items(panelbar = ) ) @helper Render Splitter() Anybody can help? If we configure the read method in design time then it would be called when the grid partial view renders on parent page load. For more information check out this blog post and share your thoughts. Grid View Mask Box Column allows restricted editing of text/numeric data.Am i missing anything or is it a limitation of evaluation version. This works perfectly until you save the grid layout, after that the standard filter is being shown. It also seems to affect my custom group Header Templates too.Thanks, vijay Unique Name="ID" Sort Expression="ID" Header Text="ID" Data Field="ID" Groupable="false" Allow Filtering="true" Auto Post Back On Filter="true" Current Filter Function="Contains" Filter Control Width="30px" Filter Control Tool Tip="Filter grid by ID" Filter Control Alt Text="Filter grid by ID" hello, I am drawing one page like this: In panelbar, load Splitter widget. Many Thanks Mike Do you want to have your say when we set our development plans?I have updated your Telerik points for your report.Regards, Joana Telerik by Progress This is regarding bug with Kendo Multi Select control. ms = $(this).kendo Multi Select().data("kendo Multi Select"); Data Source(ds); Now, The above operations has stopped working due to upgrade in its version to 2016.1.226 Tried to set multiselect value i.e.

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