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I’d make trips to the Central Library newspaper room and view microfilm of old issues of the ” a 68-page compilation of San Diego County football scores and records made available to high schools and the general public.

Forty-one schools, members of the CIF San Diego Section that was formed in 1960, were cited.

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The Author in the 1960s, but my preparation for this assignment began years before.

As far back as high school I had shown a nerdy interest in what happened before I came on the prep scene.

The Tappan Zee ‘Flying Dutchmen’ in Rockland County, N. I may have graduated #5 of 93 in the class of ’63, but I mostly picked up pine splinters for 3 years on the football team.

Each year will include a blog post narrative summary of season highlights, influential events, coaches and league officials.

A bow to noted historians and good friends William Swank and Don King for their initial support and research.

Swank is the dean of all that relates to baseball history in San Diego and is an accomplished biographer and book writer.

Some information, especially for the myriad of small San Diego County private schools, never made it into the San Diego newspapers or other publications.

The database has been the source of most but not all scores since 1965.

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