Puerto rican men dating white women

I have met Black people who carries themselves well and White people who are ghetto.

This is why, people should not go by what they see on TV.

When they got to Puerto Rico, the Spaniards were raping the Taino women, African Women etc.

This is why there are Puerto Ricans who are White, Black, or Indian.

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The Spaniards arrived in Puerto Rico with African Slaves.

BB&W: So I’m wondering, is New York City it’s own cushy incubator, where colorism between Hispanics and Black don’t exist?

e’re just a few days from the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City so you know what that means: Puerto Rican pride is going to be on full display!

Some black women have been so discouraged by this knowledge that they don’t pursue the men.

I think a commentary from an “insider” would be good, so what say you?

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