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"Typical talk therapy never worked for me," she says."I'm good at analyzing myself; therapists didn't add much." Wary of the New Age connotations, she approached her first session with trepidation.She knew she wanted to leave the industry but had no clue for what.Day predicted Essner's next employer would start with the letter F, and that its logo would be an F within a circle.

Los Angeles — based Deborah Essner made an appointment with Day after the Internet company where she worked as a senior product manager folded.Buoyed by his vision of her as a successful author, Rainville found an agent, published a novel, and started her own media advisory company in a burst of entrepreneurial energy. Now I'm writing my second book, and my business is doing well.He lit a spark I didn't know I had." Forget Miss Cleo and the Psychic Friends Network.Especially appealing to this time-pressed clientele? Intuitives deliver specific and practical pieces of advice instantaneously, as opposed to therapy's years-in-the-making revelations.Laura Day, a bicoastal intuitive who's written six books on the practice, says her no-nonsense approach appeals to her high-profile admirers, including doctors and scientists like Nobel laureate James Watson; driven celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman; and even multimillion-dollar corporations like Seagate, a hard-drive manufacturer that incorporated her input in training sessions to get the company's research and marketing teams collaborating better.

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