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Love sometimes calls her "Bukkī", a diminutive of her family name. After spending time with the girls as Moebius' spy, she begins to wonder what would make her happy and slowly opens up to them.Although Inori appears calm and quiet, she suffers from low self-esteem. Inori sometimes lacks common sense, and follows whatever situation in which she finds herself. After a battle with Cure Peach in which she finally discovered happiness, Eas dies as a result of reaching the end of a predetermined lifespan; however, she is saved by the Akarun and Chiffon and reborn as Cure Passion.The series aired on TV Asahi's ANN network between February 1, 2009 and January 31, 2010, replacing Yes! in its initial time slot, and was succeeded by Heart Catch Pre Cure! This is the first Pretty Cure series to extend the target-audience demographic beyond young girls, as well as the first to introduce CG-animated end credits focused on dance routines.The series' main themes involve traditional playing-card suits, fruits and clovers, symbols that are associated with the cures, magical devices and attacks used by the series characters.Love forms Clover (a dance group) with childhood friends Miki and Inori.

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