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From boredom with your partner to inconsistent sex - I've given you detailed solutions to these problems.In this book I show you how to add spice to your sex life, how to make yourself more attractive to your partner, how to be consistently attracted to her and how to have deeply bonding spiritual sex. And I don’t blame you for being skeptical, I would be too.NOW I HAVE GIRLS OBSESSED WITH ME INSTEAD OF GIRLS BREAKING UP WITH ME NOW I HAVE THE SEXUAL CONFIDENCE OF A MAN INSTEAD OF THE INSECURITY OF A BOY.

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In between my debaucherous escapades I've also found time for long term monogamous relationships.

Chances are you’ve been burned before, I certainly have.

From bullshit pickup bootcamps to dick pills to get rich quick schemes the men's self improvement industry is a playground for con men.

More importantly is that I know exactly how to transfer that knowledge to you in plain English using clear and concise concepts.

The book is packed with pure content from cover to cover.

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