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Guests also took part in an – a “crazy hour” where every attendee is on the dance floor enjoying the music.The sister of the bride was able to surprised the newlyweds with another sample of Peru: a Peruvian Folk Dance Collage, which is a sample of the different varieties of music, dance, and clothing from each region of the South American nation.“It was my wedding and Quinceañera dream at the same time,” muses the bride.The romantic hue would come across most clearly with the florals.Six months later, on a weekend getaway to New York City, John was rowing his beloved in a boat on a Central Park pond.

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There are however, without doubt, some culture clashes that may occur because of different belief systems, environmental conditioning and family values.

The next eight months were spent planning their Chicago nuptials, which were captured by Carasco Photography.

As Cece is a professional event planner, she worked with her business partner to make the day happen.

“We lived across the street from each other, we go to the same health club, and we also have common friends – but we had never met before! After dating for some time, Cece brought John to her hometown of Lima, Peru.

Her beau had practiced his Spanish and took his opportunity when he was alone with Cece’s father to ask for her hand in marriage.

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