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If you would like to read my As a fan of this strangely compelling film, I’ve wanted to talk to someone about what happened behind the scenes. I’m interested to see this film because I’ve never waited 15 years to see something that I shot. Basically, we shot the film and we were called a year later to shoot more footage, then like 6 months after that they called us to shoot even more footage.” “It was so different, we didn’t even know where these scenes would fit into the story. I have no idea what the finished product is going to look like.The characters are so unlike real people, they are truly surreal. We would shoot 90 pages, then we would come back and shoot another 15, then another 30, then another 20.The following year, Flanery starred in the romantic comedy Simply Irresistible.Later that same year, he could be seen giving romance another try in Body Shots, a tale of angst-ridden twenty-somethings in L. On TV he had a brief role as the ascended being Orlin on Stargate SG-1.Again, we shot so many different variations of each scene, that I don’t know what the final puzzle will look like. Donut has been my best friend for the last 15 years.

SPF: “There were a lot of different crews; a lot of different people came and went over the years. ” LAZG: Having seen the movie twice, I was still confused by some scenes.That was one of the main reasons we weren’t even sure it would see the light of day. I just did ADR for the film 2 years ago, to re-loop some dialog, like if there was plane flying over. For example, why were you suddenly paranoid, acting like you and your girlfriend didn’t see anyone you recognized in town? ” LAZG: Did you have a favorite part of working on the film?SPF: “Without seeing the final product I can’t really answer that. SPF: “Yes, during that movie, is when I found Donut, my dog.Flanery also appeared in an installment of Masters of Horror playing a town sheriff.He does mainly independent films and maintains a low Hollywood profile.

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