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Ichi looks nice and is well-made, but never really surprises. There are few wasteful scenes and the finale is not a mass brawl between hordes of warriors, but a quick, tense stand-off between two people.

This is far more low-key than Ichi's final battle against the overacted gang leader and his followers.

I’m thrilled to see him take on his first sageuk role, as his character will be a doctor who time travels from the present day back to eighteenth century Joseon and ends up practicing medicine there. But he was surprisingly good in that drama, and showed plenty of potential to get better.

In the 2003 film this is part of the story and begins a series of events leading to the climax, whereas in the 2010 version it doesn't seem to go anywhere.

Jin is reluctant because curing Shozan would mean changing the course of history.

However, Shozan tells him that he too is involved in the “present”.

So, although Ichi is a good movie that's worth a look, Zatoichi takes this battle quite easily.

Jin and Saki develop a sweet confectionery that contains medicine for Saki's mother who has a severe case of beriberi.

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