Oracle if updating column

Key Resources Simpler Member Selector To select items in the Member Selector, you are no longer required to click the checkmark.You can now simply select an item by clicking on it or by selecting the checkmark as before.It is fully embedded within the simplified interface and customers can now work with integrations as they do with other planning tasks.Currently, Data Integration is available as a preview version only for Planning and Budgeting Cloud, Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud, and Strategic Workforce Planning Cloud Service Administrators.

Oracle recommends that you download the maintenance snapshot every day to a local server.

Planning and Budgeting Cloud and Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud New EPM Automate Utility Version A new version of the EPM Automate Utility is available with this update.

This version includes the copyfilefrominstance command, which copies a file from a source environment to the environment (target) from which you run the command.

The updates will be available in the Help Center on July 6, 2018.

Some of the links to new feature documentation included in this document will not work until after the Oracle Help Center update is complete.

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