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You’d sit there waiting for someone to connect for ten minutes only to get a message that said: And then you sit there wondering why on Earth live chat even existed if they simply directed you to another medium. Or that responding faster meant huge increases in leads? Well, the data doesn’t lie, and statistics tell the story here. Because in today’s fast-paced world, people just don’t want to wait for a response. And let’s be honest, nobody wants to send a support email only to get a (possibly automated) response 48 hours later. If you respond 48 hours after a potential lead inquires about your company, it’s likely they aren’t even thinking about your product or service anymore.So if responding within five minutes isn’t realistic for you, don’t worry.You can still take advantage of the live-chat software by integrating bots that can respond for you.There are tons of other businesses out there doing the same thing you’re doing, so why are they going to wait half an hour for you to respond? They’ll bounce back to Google and click the next ranking company. I think to myself: Since there’s no live chat, I head to the website’s contact page and I send an email request. Only 14% of the companies surveyed had live-chat systems in place.On top of that, companies that responded in ten minutes compared to five minutes saw a 400% decrease in the odds of qualifying that lead. I wait patiently by my inbox, refreshing, and hoping for a response. Well, congratulations, company X, you just lost out on a big, easy sale. That means you either had to call, sit on hold and speak to a pushy sales rep, or send an email that would very likely get lost in the shuffle.

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In most cases this happens very quickly, but it may take up to 72 hours to generate an order number.I might be breaking some people’s hearts with this one, but I’ll say it again: . Because consumer behavior and technological advances have shifted. It’s less about helping the customer and more about building an email list. If your number-one focus isn’t the customer and making their lives easier, you’re doing it wrong. But the truth is, you really don’t need forms to convert people into leads or to nurture customers. And with that specific message, 63% of people who clicked on it ended up talking to a sales rep.So why are we still using an inbound tactic that’s a I feel like whenever I browse online and come across an e-book that looks awesome, I’m immediately given a page-long form asking for my email, name, website, etc. That’s a stellar conversion rate when you compare typical email conversion rates for sales.When I hit their pricing page, I get a personalized message asking me if I have questions about the pricing.They instantly give me a way to overcome objections without me having to search or work for it.

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