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Matt Mira: You spend the rest of your adult life trying to forget your dad isn't circumcised. They are even exploring ways to get a new foreskin. (She picks out a couple in the audience who look slightly olive skinned, maybe Latino). So I went home with this French guy, so he seems adorable (diversion into other jokes...) So I'm making out with him and he gave up right away because he's French I guess and he pulled out his dick immediately. " But like guys are sensitive too, and I couldn't do what I was thinking, like "Aaaargh! I had to be like a team player and like "Here we go," fighting through the skin to find his actual penis (sic). It would be illuminating, and probably much funnier to see his standup about sex with her. Charlie Simpson: There's something different about you. So I live on the fast lane a little bit and we can spice things up if that was needed to be. Drew: The best way I can describe it is an elephant's trunk. " Responding to the question 'What don't you want to hear the first time someone sees you naked? (audience laughter) I'm not originally from here is what I'm saying. Messages: "Circumcision = Jewish" "Circumcision is trivial/quick/painless" (think of Luke Skywalker losing his hand). but there are pros and cons to both and no one should feel bad about having one or the other. (Two people in the audience applaud) Shonda: I have something to say about uncircumcised men.

The evidence the pair presents on circumcision is, to say the least, disconcerting, whether it's statistics (the most common surgery in America at about 3,000 a day), history (the procedure was popularized as a "cure" for masturbation), consequences (from purported sexual dysfunction to the question of what happens to all that removed skin) and remedies (with live-action close-ups). Entering its third season on Monday with a laugh-riot look (as in, up-close and disturbingly personal) at circumcision, the unflinching, uncensored series examines all manner of topics ... The circumcision episode stemmed from a conversation Jillette had with a female friend of his. Over here people take a bath, then they take a shower to rinse the bath off. (throws fist in air, crowd roars, cheers, claps) But, you know, when I take my pants off in America, people gasp, which is kinda nice (smirks), until I realise that they're actually staring at my penis as if it's some kind of National Geographic photo come to life. So, tonight, I'm taking it upon myself to re-educate America about my penis. Audience roars, claps) First of all, uncircumcised penises, like mine, need to know that they are not alone. Both families go on vacation together to a private resort in Mexico.

through their ostensibly objective, non-rose-colored glasses. In the episode, which pulls no punches, infants get clamped and snipped, doctors explain the process in scientific detail, anti-circumcision activists bare all and say things like, "I'm really angry with doctors who love to play with baby boys' penises and cut 'em off." All of that is peppered by juvenile silliness, which includes rubber sex toys, giant phalluses and crude euphemisms. Back where I come from - it's a place that your president likes to call "Yurp" (laughter, applause) - yeah, back in Yurp, we tend to be more comfortable with dirt, perhaps because we are all uncircumcised. When I was doing Cabaret, the only other person who was uncircumcised was the security guard. (laughs, smirks, skips a little) Just let me tell you that for the rest of the run, I felt very, very secure. It was called "The Society for Penises Under No Knives" or S. There, Courtney's sister and brother-in-law encourage her to go behind Mario's back and have the baby circumcised anyway.

(Two people from NORM-UK were interviewed but were left on the cutting room floor.) Three young "doctors" (medical students?

) were interviewed and recited without hesitation that the medical reasons for circumcision were phimosis, paraphimosis and recurrent balanitis.

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