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Your parents are leaving, and you are standing near the gate waving them goodbye….balancing tears…. You can tell they are senior because their clothes are all torn and they have hardened faces.

“ Later in the Evening: Sometimes, the things you go through at the hands of frustrated or high-on-cheap joints Form Fours make you want to eat yourself.

In 2006, a study by UNICEF reported that up to 30% of the population of children aged between 12 and 18 in the coastal regions of Malindi, Mombasa, Kilifi and Diani were engaged in some form of sex work.

Lack of condom use, (both amongst sex workers and the general public), fuelled the spread of HIV and other STIs.

It was always about smelly shoe…a shoe so smelly that the reception was kind of decent…

First day of high school, you are excited but apprehensive.

” “ehh” “ebu nioneshe venye uliruka” “I attempt to jump up” “Joka unaruka juu ama unaruka mwaka?

ebu assume hii box ni mwaka na uruke mwaka” *I jump over the box* thank God it was a Rabble’s box.

I should know, I was the back right post.” I cannot say who went through this; because I believe they are still traumatized and might need therapy after reading it (Plus a few girls they might have kissed might read this and want to die).

Some children in Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps may be subjected to sex trafficking.

Children from East Africa and South Sudan are subjected to sex trafficking in Kenya.

I doubt the kids in high school now have gone through some of the things we went through (as each generation wants to think it more badass than the next, and less than the last).

Given that I was in form 1 at around the time bullying was losing its gist and creativity was already on a downfall, this list is most likely incomplete. Definitely one of the classics, and could have been an activity by itself, or part of a master plan of villainy to make your form one life a living hell.

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