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The site also shows a picture of Markle wearing the coat alongside Prince Harry.Despite the relatively high price, this coat has no problem selling.Yet and still, the lining matched her Strathberry tote.If that's not the definition of put together, what is?These boots no doubt kept Markle warm while greeting folks in Nottingham, and they serve to prove, once again, the uniqueness of Markle's style.also explains these boots maintain "a pop of colour through burgundy lining." Of course, no one in the crowd would see the burgundy lining.It isn't just the clothes that make Meghan Markle a style icon, it's also how she accessorizes, and her shoes are no exception.Slightly hidden by her Joseph midi skirt were Markle's jet black suede boots.

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At the opening of the Invictus Games in Canada, when Harry and Markle were lowkey dating, Markle wore a pleated burgundy gown along with a burgundy leather jacket. More specifically, Markle's continued, "Perhaps as the spotlight shifts towards Markle and away from Middleton, the panty hose pendulum will swing the other way as well.

It's great to see a strong woman like Markle stay committed to her originality and sense of self, while also taking on the oft-conservative royal lifestyle. So gorgeous, indeed, that it sold out soon after the interview aired. Markle's choice to not wear panty hose suggests the same thing as her easygoing demeanor in her post-engagement interview…

Meghan Markle is real; what you see is what you get." While the Queen may prefer the Royal women to wear pantyhose, there is something to be said for being authentic, even if it means revealing those au naturale limbs.

Has Meghan Markle lost her individuality now that she's married to a prince? Before Harry and Markle began dating, Markle's style was just as unique.

While attending the Herve Leger by Azria fashion show back in February 2014, Markle paired a delicate white dress with a studded leather jacket. features a bow detail on the side of the waist and falls to the knee.

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