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Selena was recorded in its entirety, with the exception of "Sukiyaki" and "My Love", at Manny Guerra's AMEN Studios in San Antonio, Texas and was engineered by house engineer Brian "Red" Moore.

"Sukiyaki" and "My Love" were recorded at Sunrise Studios in Houston, Texas. found "Besitos" as the "pivotal point [in Selena's career]" because of the introduction of cumbia music, a genre the band used heavily in subsequent releases.

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Justin says…Read The Full Post Read More Jillian moved from Boston to Miami 5 years ago where she worked as an insurance-defense paralegal.

She was always involved with charitable organizations however she found it quite a challenge to be active and support events during the blizzardous Boston winters.

Since she’s thawed out…Read The Full Post Read More Here are the haute secrets of Aram Amid-Hozour, who runs one of LA's premiere luxury textile stores, the Medallion Rug Gallery.

Here are the haute secrets of Nick Montealegre, the Marketing & Entertainment Director of SBE's Greystone Manor and Emerson Theatre.

Find out where this LA native likes to eat, stay and play in the City of Angels.

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After his friend successfully recorded the track, Astudillo retried and met the required demands. desperately needed more materials to record for Selena, Vela wrote some parts for a song called "Tengo Ganas de Lloar". remained the singer's principle record producer and songwriter, he did not compose "Sukiyaki" (Abraham/Astudillo), "Contigo Quiero Estar" (Alejandro Montealegre), and "No Te Vayas" (Reinaldo Ornelas).Behar and Finfer's request for a crossover album was denied and Selena was told she needed a bigger fan base to sell such an album.It was the first album with any production and songwriting assistance from Pete Astudillo and Joe Ojeda; Astudillo was brought in to harmonize and sing duets with Selena, while Ojeda acted as a second keyboardist.The album was released following company president Jose Behar's failed crossover request for the singer.The project was denied by the heads of EMI Records' pop division, believing the singer should first strengthen her fanbase.

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