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Go to any major forum on the topic you're interested in and simply look at the different sections the forum has.I typed in 'guitar forum' into google and found Ultimate Guiter.“Beekeeping or apiculture' So now we know beekeeping is also known as apiculture giving is a whole new term to search with. I searched for internet marketing and the first result was a book called 'Digital Minds' The contents chapter revealed the following...Look at the table of contents and there's more niches revealed.... Think about all the others that will pop up from checking out the pages on all the various sub-niches we've just found. ( Click on any of these sub-categories and more are revealed. This could be applied to Udemy, and wherever else courses and content lists are shown.Go to Enter your niche into the search bar and hit enter.Wiki will return what it thinks are relevant results.Well I'm here today to tell you that you are wrong. Which is NOT a bad thing as it shows it's a healthy market, with lots of products and customers. And usually enough money for to get a piece of the pie. If you want to compete you simply have to find your own smaller sub-niche.

Weight loss for women who've recently given birth is a sub-niche.

Potentially hundreds of sub niches will be revealed. If you need further demonstration on finding keywords, you can use what James has revealed here in this post of finding 100 keywords in 26 minutes. Change up your wording and get creative with what you say.

Sometimes people aren't searching exactly for weight loss for women, but instead are looking for healthy foods to lose weight.

Again you can take it one step further by clicking on some of these results for more information.

Click on the main 'beekeeping' result and the first sentence tell us... A range of books on the topic will be revealed Click on the book cover to 'look inside' the book. Check out the different chapters in the book – all sub-niches.

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