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These gases were so poisonous, and the world was so hot, that nothing could survive.

As the planet began to cool, its surface solidified as a rocky terrain, much like Mars' surface (center photo) and the oceans began to form as the water vapor condensed into rain. Source: NASA, NWS Some of the most exciting events in Earth’s history and life occurred during this time, which spanned about two billion years until about 550 million years ago.

The Earth formed under so much heat and pressure that it formed as a molten planet.

For nearly the first billion years of formation (4.5 to 3.8 billion years ago) — called the Hadean Period (or hellish period) — Earth was bombarded continuously by the remnants of the dust and debris — like asteroids, meteors and comets — until it formed into a solid sphere, pulled into orbit around the sun and began to cool down.

After 5 billion years of Earth’s formation and evolution, the evidence may have been lost.

But scientists have made significant progress in understanding what chemical processes that may have led to the origins of life.

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This is an amazing fact, considering that it is made out of the same matter as other planets in our solar system, was formed at the same time and through the same processes as every other planet, and gets its energy from the sun.

This period of Earth’s formation is referred to as the pre-Cambrian Period.

The pre-Cambrian is divided into three parts: the Hadean, Archean and Proterozoic Periods.

The first fossils were a type of blue-green algae that could photosynthesize.

Earth's atmosphere was first supplied by the gasses expelled from the massive volcanic eruptions of the Hadean Era.

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