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This solution uses SSL and IPSec to establish a secure connection between the user and the site. Large Scale VPN The Palo Alto Networks Global Protect Large Scale VPN (LSVPN) provides a simplified mechanism to roll out a scalable hub and spoke VPN with up to 1024 satellite offices.

The solution requires Palo Alto Networks firewalls to be deployed at the hub and at every spoke.

For contacting support, for information on support programs, to manage your account or devices, or to open a support case, refer to https://

For the most current PAN-OS 6.0 release notes, go to https://

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The firewall can also interoperate with third-party policy-based VPN devices; the Palo Alto Networks firewall supports route-based VPN.The devices can be a pair of Palo Alto Networks firewalls, or a Palo Alto Networks firewall along with a VPN-capable device from another vendor.VPN Deployments Site-to-Site VPN Overview Site-to-Site VPN Concepts Set Up Site-to-Site VPN Site-to-Site VPN Quick Configs Palo Alto Networks, Inc.It uses certificates for device authentication, SSL for securing communication between all components, and IPSec to secure data. Figure: VPN Deployments 420 PAN-OS 6.0 Administrator s Guide Palo Alto Networks, Inc.VPNs Site-to-Site VPN Overview Site-to-Site VPN Overview A VPN connection that allows you to connect two Local Area Networks (LANs) is called a site-to-site VPN.

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