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Unfortunately, by making it easier to walk away, it also means your suspicion and jealousy levels will be high.

Cheating is not only common but easy to do and highly feared making such a betrayal much more charged.

Many Navy Wives survive deployments by sticking to routines, so if you are not a part of that routine, it can be hard to break in.

As our newest contributor Mindi Clark pointed out last week, by remaining a Navy Girlfriend, you will test your relationship and dedication to one another on a level that is far more intense because you do not have the safety net that a marriage contract provides.

Oftentimes, you will make friends with the people in his squadron and no one else.

When he leaves, it will seem like everyone you know has packed up and gone with him. Well, wives oftentimes go into a sort of hibernation mode while their Sailors are on deployment.

It’s so easy to feel like the relationship has already ended simply because you only communicate once a day with two paragraphs via email.

Communication is essential for any relationship, so the lack thereof can make it feel like it isn’t a relationship and it is so easy to just walk away.

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During my first deployment, I didn’t just handle my Sailor’s affairs, I also handled all the affairs of all our roommates—we lived with three other Sailors.

Try to make friends with wives and, if you find them, girlfriends who live off base.

For those who are on base, make plans and arrangements to hang out regularly and establish this prior to the deployment.

When two people combine their possessions, finances, pets, and day to day lives by living with one another, they are taking on additional burdens but also relieving burdens by sharing the workload of a household.

However, when he leaves, all of the burden will fall on you.

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