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I bought this laptop two business days ago, and yet despite this, they told me immediately that they were not going to exchange it or give me a refund.“It’s customer abuse”, a clerk named Mohammed told me and there is no way that Acer or Best Buy is going to replace it. Let me rephrase that, they don’t give a shit that you just spent almost a thousand dollars on something that is defective.Then I asked them, what if the unit was like this out of the box? So at that point I got quite upset at them and told them politely but firmly that their customer service was horrible and that they are deceiving their customers (there was a civil action lawsuit against them in the States for similar practices and situations).I bought from Best Buy because the price was right and because I though that if I were to run into trouble, I would be able to easily replace or get the unit fixed.I moved the mouse pointer, hoping with all my being that this was some kind of joke cooked up by a screen saver programmer, but obviously such was not the case.The Acer Crystal Brite I googled the problem a little and found some other people who related similar problems, and in every case they reported being told that “it’s not covered under warranty” by Acer.

At this point my wife didn’t know anything about the laptop.If I don’t get a replacement after the initial three weeks, I’m going to forward a complaint to both Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau.What Best Buy doesn’t understand is that Internet has a lot of power.I argued with them for at least an hour and spoke with a bunch of people including Alex and George (a manager) at the Markville Mall Best Buy. They don’t care that it’s obvious that there is no abuse whatsoever but rather that it’s a defective which overheated or leaked on its own.They basically blamed me – the customer – for the problem and when I told them that I’ve worked with computers for many years and I know what I am saying, challenging them technically, they told me “we are not saying that you broke it”, but that doesn’t matter because they still told me that they were not going to replace it or fix it.

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