My lord dating

The word that God spoke to you, He’s able to speak to him. When he receives that word, he’s now bound to that word which God spoke.

will create a much greater covenant than your looks could ever create.

Guess what I had to do in those two and a half years? If you believe that it’s truly God then you need to have the faith that God is able to tell him just like He told you.

Even if things look completely opposite in the natural, have faith.

And don’t say you’re having faith while trying to give the guy and get all up in his face unnecessarily.

Unless you want that relationship to be founded on flesh (seduction) or you want to mess up what God has planned, don’t do it (I talk about this more in #5).

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Regardless of all the dreams, signs, and other types of confirmation you receive, if it does not come to pass all those confirmations mean nothing except that you heard wrong.

But if we’re not careful we can take the reins and begin to lead in our relationships instead of allowing the man to lead.

When you begin to do this you’re planting a seed in your future marriage that could cause a lot of chaos.

And everyone is not going to have a dream(s) (many people have dreams and those dreams fail).] That means the man has to come pursue you.

You have to allow God to reveal it to him and give him the go ahead to begin pursuing you.

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