My daughter dating older man

For the last year he and my daughter have had a fun brother-sister type relationship.He's very likeable and held in high esteem at our church, but for some reason my mother's intuition has kept me on the alert.And it can be even harder if the guy she has her eye on is older.A 14-year-old dating a 17-year-old might be perfectly innocent but those who counsel adolescents warn that an age difference as little as three years can be cause for concern.

“With teenagers, a three-year difference in age is a powerful differential,” says Kairys, who also serves as medical director for the New Jersey Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.“A 15-year-old girl can look 19, but she’s still 15 inside.At this age, teens are very impressionable and prone to peer pressure.” Teens who have an older partner are more likely to have sex at an early age compared to those dating someone about the same age, says Mindy Scott, Ph D, deputy program area director of Reproductive Health and Family Formation at Child Trends, the nation’s leading nonprofit research organization focused on improving the lives of children, youth and their families.But because she doesn't have any dating experience, encourage her to "guard her heart." Offer your support and let her know that she can confide in you if she becomes confused about her emotions.One more thing: let both of them know that if she were 23 and he were 32, you would take a very different view of the situation.

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