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Sound:17 Songs: 16 Gigs:- Style:7 Attitude:17 Total: 57Lone Pigeon34.

Martina Topley-Bird Sometimes when Topley-Bird sings she uses a vintage 1940s microphone, an apt gesture for a woman whose voice sounds wonderfully out of time.

Adults abandoned at birth turn to genetic genealogy to find biological family; Adults abandoned at birth meet biological family members for the first time; Woman meets biological sister for first time, finds another long-lost sibling.

Selfish Cunt Dividing the nervous few who have heard or seen them, art/punk duo Selfish Cunt aren't simply an in-joke too far perpetrated by the denizens of London's trendy Hoxton - more a malignancy at the heart of the fashionable life.

If he did, we would lose one of our most beguiling eccentrics.

Sound: 12 Songs: 10 Gigs: 15 Style: 11 Attitude: 10 Total: 58Martina Topley Bird33.

Hundred Reasons In recent years, British metal has, like British hip-hop, been the poor relation of its American cousin.

Sound:18 Songs:16 Gigs: 14 Style:5 Attitude:6 Total: 59Spiritualized31.

Girls Aloud The female winners of Pop Stars: The Rivals turned out to be tough cookies who, as promised, sent the boy winners packing with a combination of girl-gang iciness and 1960s-influenced pop.

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