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Depriving the subject of food, water and sleep, applying physical discomfort, beating him with a rubber hose so as not to leave marks and even threats or intimidation eventually broke a subject or caused him to accept whatever story he was being fed — simply to stop the abuse.He announced about his wedding through Twitter and Facebook.The 31-year-old actor posted about the news on his Facebook and Twitter page."Wanted all of you to know from me, here it is.It was not until 1937, when the court threw out a seemingly voluntary confession — obtained by officers who had strung a suspect up in a tree and repeatedly whipped him to get him to agree to perjure himself — that harsh techniques were gradually abolished.The most popular modern technique for interrogation — the one that has been taught in most police academies since the 70s — is the Reid Technique, named after the Chicago policeman who developed it in the 40s.

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