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One night, at the height of the ‘Cold War’ in 1957, two USAF jet fighter aircraft which were on QRA stand-by (Quick Reaction Alert) at RAF Manston, were scrambled to intercept an ‘intruder’ which had flown into the U. airspace whilst being constantly monitored by ground based radar systems.Clearly, the ‘intruder’ was recognised as NOT a Soviet aircraft of any description, presumably by its unusual flight manoeuvres and characteristics.A few years later this friendship resulted in an invitation for the both of them to join the Torres’s at RAF Manston for another re-union event.Milton, later in his Service career, flew some 260 missions in Vietnam, flying F-100 jet fighters.(The pilots own testimony will make this clear later on).

Later in his Service career, Milton flew some 260 missions in Vietnam, flying F-100 jet fighters.

In fact at one point it was actually stationary for a long period over the Ipswich area!

Normally, one would hope and expect that our defence systems would not allow an unfriendly aircraft to penetrate that far inland before being intercepted and ‘escorted’ back across out of our territory!

(Extracted from Wikipedia).“ RAF Manston was an RAF Station in the north-east of Kent, on the Isle of Thanet from 1916 until 1996.

The site is now split between a continuing military use, as FSCTE Manston, the Central Fire Fighting School, following on from a long standing training facility for RAF fire-fighters at the Manston base, and a commercial airport Kent International Airport (KIA).

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