Married separated dating

What I care about is that you and he aren't living together, aren't having dinners together, are definitely broken up, and have been definitely been broken up for at least 6 straight months.I'm not a home wrecker and I wouldn't do anything to separate a man from his children. But, if that has already happened, there is nothing I can do to stop it, life goes on. Hiya Donna, I must admit i hav never thought that just being separated would put a guy off,i the same as you have been separated for 2yrs he went off with my best friend ...there is no way on gods earth would i go back with him,not that he would want to he is happy with her & we have had no communication since the day i sent him packing.It looks like seperated in every sense, rather than not yet legally divorced but divorced in every other sense of the word.I clearly state in my profile that my legal wife is moved out and lives with her boyfreind and their child.

You can see what our email filters are set to by looking at the bottom of our profiles.There's no reason for it to be a long drawn out costly procedure unless neither of you can agree on anything.I think a lot of divorces are drawn out by people who are hurt, angry, spiteful, money hungry, vengeful, using kids as ammunition, etc...rebound affairs are very painful, he almost always goes back.The OPs reasons sound sound enough for me (altho if I was considering her, I would ask questions about it to be sure). Anything that has a seperated status and doens't talk about it is out of the question.

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