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Ive been married a couple of times..I did the whole promise of sickness and in health, thru good times and bad etc...those vows I took seriously, if I didnt then what was the point of getting married...???

marriage is tough..thats true but relatively easy, when its all going your way..when its not.its hard to hang in, but isnt that why you got married ??

Yep there sure are..lying and cheating is not the answer either........renegotiating the marriage contract...being honest, up front and communicating is the way to go, level the playing field and inform the partners of what your doing.they too can play outside the sand box if they wish (even if they arent physically capable.least give them the dignity and respect to say this is what your doing so they can reciprocate, ...whats good for the goose.bla bla) ..

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But yeah, I've got a friend who managed it for a while.

Sometimes break ups are much more life changing and disrupting than getting your end wet elsewhere.

So in this scenario outsourcing is required to maintain all the other functioning parts of the partnership. There are a million reasons why people cheat (not sexist here)..heres the main reason, cause they can..!!!!!

Never pay anything, meet married men and women in an open marriage for dating and friendship.

Cheaters dating site is a mischarectization of Married Friends Date.

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