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For other products you'll find the button on the upper right, which takes you straight to the Product info page.

Reset the PIN code by pressing and holding the ' Mode' button on the charger.

Note that after enabling location services, the GPS itself, can be switched off again: the Android location services are more than GPS.

Bluetooth, and Wi Fi-, scan results can technically also be used to approximate the devices location; hence these requirements.

Otherwise it can not scan for the Bluetooth devices.

Besides permitting access to its data, the location services also need to be enabled in many (but not all) cases.

But there is nothing we can do about it unfortunately. We have tested the following Android devices and can confirm that they are compatible with Victron Connect*: Google Nexus 6P; LG G4; Sony Xperia Z5; HTC One M9; HTC One S9; One Plus 3T; Asus Zenfone 2; Samsung Galaxy S5; Samsung Galaxy S5 mini; Samsung Galaxy S7; Samsung Galaxy S8; Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6.

*Assumes the device runs the latest firmware released by the manufacturer.

Even though some devices have Bluetooth 4.0 aka Bluetooth Smart hardware, Android versions earlier than 4.3 are not implemented such that they can be used by Victron Connect.

Device list This page shows all the Victron products that have been discovered by your device, and to which a connection can be made. Battery Monitor pages: Clicking on ' Battery Monitor' will show the current state of charge; and allows you to toggle between screens showing more detailed information concerning the current battery STATUS, and HISTORY data.

From ' Settings' you can set alarms and relays; change the data concerning your battery storage; change charging parameters; and tailor the appearance and quantity of data displayed.

On the device list: Press and hold the product description for which you would like to reset the PIN code.

The minimum required Android version to run Victron Connect is 4.1.

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