Man dating three women joke

Humor benefits every couple at every stage, from the initial attraction to the we've been together forever partnership.

Laughter can keep a relationship exciting, fresh, and solid.

You can have your own funny moments, but don't turn your relationship into a comedy competition. Sex can be hilarious especially when it entails strange noises, weird facial expressions, or getting stuck in a freakish body-positions.

If they seem dumb, it is merely a comic persona that they are wearing.She's not going to be cracking jokes when something life threatening goes down.If she's funny, she has timing, knows her audience, and will adapt accordingly.Laughter can get you through the bad patches in a relationship, it can make you feel even more comfortable with each other, and help you to not take yourself too seriously. Your fear of gummy spiders is fair game for comedy.If it's not embarrassing to her, hopefully it won't be embarrassing to you.

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