Male dating ge

Maybe you are always left in a constant state of depression, and walk on with worry and anxiety?Maybe out of fear that he will ‘once again’ break up with you, or he will threaten to end the relationship, or become less interested in you, you constantly find yourself walking on to KEEP him happy?Maybe like I was, you are constantly left in a state of confusion.Yes, you are constantly looking for answers in WHY he suddenly changed, and WHY his behavior towards you has become so painfully different?In fact, just like many women, there was a time in my life where I also thought I knew how to spot a narcissistic man.

Regardless of your efforts, and despite how much you try, he still blows and cold, and he constantly gives you mixed signals….Like I was, do find yourself constantly obsessing over what is happening, what went wrong, and how you can possibly make sense of all the madness? Perhaps you are now left wondering why your ‘perceived’ fairytale relationship went from being EVERYTHING you have ever hoped for, EVERYTHING you have ever dreamed of, to becoming a complete train wreck overnight?Going from pure ecstasy, to pure mental torture over time?If so, does it feel as if you are dreaming a severely bad nightmare and all you want is for the pain to go away?ANYTHING to end the misery, the hurt, and this dead feeling that consumes you now?

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