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Vital Records of Waterborough, Maine, New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol 90 (1936), p. From the 1800 census of Frankfort, Maine, part of Hancock County, Maine in 1800. Frances Catherine’s grandparents were: Jonah Titus (B: Douglas, MA, 6-9-1770; D: Vernon, VT 4-23-1819) who married in Douglas, MA Sarah Smith. Frank Low (stet) and Miss Louella Hoos of this place. Lowe and they farmed near here until moving to a farm west of Williston in 1917. .~Frederick Ferdinand Low (June 30, 1828-July 21, 1894), governor, diplomat, banker, was born in that part of Frankfort which later became Winterport, Me. “An assessment of the polls and Real & Personal Estates of the inhabitants of the Town of Winslow & also the Nonresident Proprietors Land Lying in said Town & also the Polls of the adjacents being a tax of one Hundred & Seventy-five pounds Eleven shillings and Eleven pence Laid on said Town by the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts begun & held at Boston on Wednesday the 25 day of April AD 1781.” There were 66 tax payers resident in Winslow in 1781. Boston: Published by the Author, 1849., pgs 132-135. New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol 97 (1943), p 226-227.~Nathaniel Low (a deacon), Ipswich, Mark Howe delivered a huge load of faggots - over 200 bundles - to Deacon Low in 1765.
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Rockport Vital Records, Massachusetts, To the End of The Year 1849, The Essex Institute, Salem, MA, 1924, p. Special Student status at Brown University, RI, from 1893-1894. Her address was 16 South Angell St., Providence, RI.

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