Maghreb dating customs

Among certain obligations for Muslims are to pray five times a day - at dawn, noon, afternoon, sunset, and evening.The exact time is listed in the local newspaper each day. Many companies also close on Thursday, making the weekend Thursday and Friday.Burandt studied Archeology of the Roman Provinces, Classical Archeology, History of Art and Ancient History at the University of Cologne, and specialized early in Roman military equipment.In Algeria, as elsewhere, spoken Arabic differs very substantially from written Arabic; Algerian Arabic has a much-simplified vowel system, a substantially changed vocabulary with many new words and many words from Berber, Turkish, and French, and, like all Arabic dialects, has dropped the case endings of the written language.Each piece of equipment of the Roman soldier is analyzed in its sculptural representation and compared with the existing finds as well as supplementary comparisons with secondary sources.

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Algerian Arabic is part of the Maghreb Arabic dialect continuum, and fades into Moroccan Arabic and Tunisian Arabic along the respective borders.

In the Sahara, more conservative Bedouin dialects, grouped under the name Saharan Arabic, are spoken; in addition, the many Sahrawi refugees at Tindouf speak Hassaniya Arabic.

Most Jews of Algeria once spoke dialects of Arabic specific to their community, collectively termed "Judeo-Arabic"; however, most came to speak French in the colonial period even before emigrating to France after independence. The Prophet Muhammad is seen as the last of God's emissaries following in the footsteps of Jesus, Moses, Abraham, etc to bring revelation to mankind.

In addition to the handshake one is obliged to ask about family, work, the house, the weather, etc.

You may see people continue to hold hands after the initial handshake is a sign of warmth.

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