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I went there with my wife the first weekend in September 2014. And if by any chance your dates are not offal ‘’amateur’’ (which is more than probable) no worries, they will find something to their satisfaction on the menu.

It was a warm evening and we got a table in the back yard, which was just perfect. My choice was lambs tongue for starter, mash with sausages for main course and both were excellent. My husband had the wagyu steak and it was to die for! A group of 4 us visited Viva M'Boma, we had looked in advance & knew the orientation of the menu.

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It's people like Granny D who inspire advocates like me to go forward, and when you think about it, we've all come a piece since 2000-- passing public financing for the PRC and supreme and appellate court judges, and last year, limits on campaign contributions. I used the novelty of my age (I was 90), to garner attention to the fact that our democracy, for which so many people have given their lives, is being subverted to the needs of wealthy interests, and that we must do something about it.

Should not Congress be the flagship of our ethical standards?

Where is the leadership to make this happen this year?

The health care reform debacle is but the most recent example.

The Supreme Court, representing a radical fringe that does not share the despair of the grand majority of Americans, has today made things considerably worse by undoing the modest reforms I walked for and went to jail for, and that tens of thousands of other Americans fought very hard to see enacted.

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