Live bookmarks not updating

Firefox just like any other browser supports bookmarks.

A bookmark is a link that points to a web address or a local address that you can load when you click on it.

A right-click on the bookmark provides you with an option to refresh the information manually.

Just select reload live bookmark from the context menu to do that.

This feature allows you to add an RSS feed as a bookmark.

Once added, that feed will regularly update so that the bookmark will display the latest pages for you to click on.

Here you can change the name of it, and pick a location where you want to place it.

The Bookmarks Toolbar is probably the best location for it for most users, as it can be displayed at all times, but you are not limited to that location.

To resolve this issue, o.• If you are using both of our extensions, repeat the last three steps.• Quit Firefox.• If you have multiple profiles in Firefox, repeat all the steps, launching into each of your profiles in turn.

When you click on subscribe, the new live bookmark is added to the selected location.

When you click on it, it won't open the linked site directly.

Instead, it opens a context menu with options to do so.

In addition to that option, you do get a list of the latest articles that have been published on that site.

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