Liquidating an s corporation

NRS 78.047 Penalty for purporting to do business as corporation without filing articles of incorporation; enforcement; regulations. NRS 78.097 Resignation of registered agent or termination of registration of commercial registered agent.

NRS 78.105 Maintenance of records at principal office or with custodian of records; inspection and copying of records; civil liability; penalties.

NRS 78.0297 Corporate records: Manner of storage; conversion of electronic records into clear and legible paper form; admissibility in evidence of electronic records.

NRS 78.0298 Records or signatures maintained by corporation.

NRS 78.025 Reserved power of State to amend or repeal chapter; chapter part of corporations charter. NRS 78.027 Corporate records: Microfilming; imaging; return.

NRS 78.028 Filing of records written in language other than English.

NRS 78.140 Restrictions on transactions involving interested directors or officers; compensation of directors.

NRS 78.045 Articles of incorporation: Approval or certification required before filing of certain articles or amendments. REGISTERED OFFICE AND REGISTERED AGENT NRS 78.090 Registered agent required; address of registered office; powers of bank or corporation who is registered agent; penalty for noncompliance; service upon and delivery to registered agent in lieu of corporation.

NRS 78.0285 Secretary of State authorized to adopt certain regulations to allow corporation to carry out powers and duties through most recent technology.

NRS 78.029 Procedure to submit replacement page to Secretary of State before actual filing of record.

NRS 78.107 Denial of request for inspection of records; defense to action for penalties or damages; authority of court to compel production of records.

DIRECTORS AND OFFICERS NRS 78.115 Board of directors: Number and qualifications. NRS 78.125 Committees of board of directors: Designation; powers; membership.

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